Grading for 2018 - 2019 Fall Semester MATH 2110 Section 100 (Barsamian)

During the semester, you will accumulate points as described in the table below.

Class Presentations (10 presentations, 10 points each):100 points possible
Quizzes (best 8 of 10 quizzes, 25 points each):200 points possible
In-Class Exams (best 3 of 4 exams, 150 points each):450 points possible
Cumulative Final Exam:250 points possible
Total:1000 points possible

At the end of the semester, your Total will be converted to your Course Grade as described in the table below. (Note that there is no curve.)

Total ScorePercentageGradeInterpretation
900 - 100090% - 100%A-, AYou mastered all concepts, with no significant gaps
800 - 89980% - 89.9%B-, B, B+You mastered all essential concepts and many advanced concepts, but have some significant gaps.
700 - 79970% - 79.9%C-, C, C+You mastered most essential concepts and some advanced concepts, but have many significant gaps.
600 - 69960% - 69.9%D-, D, D+You mastered some essential concepts.
0 - 5990% - 59.9%FYou did not master essential concepts.

Throughout the semester, your current scores and current course grade will be available in an online gradebook on the Blackboard system.

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