Accessing WebAssign

Who is this page for? This is an information page for students in certain courses offered by the Ohio University Department of Mathematics.

Which courses? This page only applies to courses in which WebAssign is required course-wide and for which WebAssign has been integrated into Blackboard. Examples include MATH 2301 Calculus I.

What is WebAssign? WebAssign is a website that offers computerized submission and grading of homeworks, quizzes, and exams.

Do I have to use WebAssign? If your instructor requires WebAssign, then yes, you have to use it.

How do I create a WebAssign account? The answer to this is YOU DON'T CREATE YOUR OWN WebAssign ACCOUNT. The account is created automatically for you, at the start of the semester.

How do I access my WebAssign account? The WebAssign account that was automatically created for you is an account that is integrated into the Blackboard system. The only way that you should ever access this account is by logging into Blackboard, then going to the Blackboard page for your Math course. Once you are on that Blackboard page, look in the banner that run downs the left side of the screen. You should see menu items like [Home Page] [Information] [Content] [Tools]. At this point, there are two possibilities:

Common Problem of Being Asked to Login: It often happens that after clicking the [WebAssign] link, you don't get launched into WebAssign and instead get sent to a page where you are asked to login using "the username, institution, and password provided by your instructor or account representative". If you end up at this screen, something is wrong: you should not have to enter login credentials. In fact, you have not even been given the login credentials for the account that was created automatically for you. Some students who have WebAssign accounts from previous courses will try to enter old login credentials from those courses

(page maintained by Mark Barsamian, last updated January 2015)