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2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog for Ohio University

Center for International Studies

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Yamada House

Josep Rata

Polly Sandenburgh
Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts in
International Studies

Ohio University established the Center for International Studies in 1964 to provide students and citizens of the United States and other countries with opportunities to obtain knowledge about the peoples and cultures of the world, particularly Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and about related international concerns. This endeavor is founded on the broad belief that an appreciation of different values and institutions increases understanding between peoples, enriches the lives of individuals, better prepares them for work in a globalized environment, and assists them in forming opinions on issues that affect the global community.

The Center coordinates teaching, research, publication activities, and community outreach through programs related to three world regions--Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America--and comparative and international topics. These programs assist in the development of courses, the expansion of library materials, and the education of globally literate citizens. They support visiting lecturers, film series, seminars, and colloquia throughout the year. The African Studies Program has been designated a National Resource Center for African Studies by the U.S. Department of Education. More than 100 scholarly books relating to Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America have appeared in the Center's monograph series.

At the undergraduate level, an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with concentrations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America is offered jointly by the Center and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Center also offers nonmajors a certificate in Asian, African, European, or Latin American Studies. (See complete description under the College of Arts and Sciences section of this catalog.)

Community Outreach

The Center houses Ohio University's international community outreach arm, the Ohio Valley International Council (OVIC). OVIC provides opportunities for international students, faculty, staff, and former Peace Corps volunteers to interact with K-12 students, the regional campuses, and the community. OVIC houses a teacher resource center that supplies cultural artifacts and curriculum materials to area schools and community organizations. International students coming to Ohio University are encouraged to bring materials with which they can share their cultures.

Peace Corps

Another of the Center's facilities is the Peace Corps Office, one of about 30 campus-based Peace Corps recruitment offices nationwide. Ohio University counts many returned Peace Corps volunteers among its faculty, staff, and student body.

International Cooperation

Ohio University maintains a proud tradition of international cooperation through its numerous and diverse relationships.

Special international educational programs exist with scores of institutions across the five continents. An ever increasing number of Ohio University faculty members have studied and taught abroad, and offer courses with an international focus. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and more than 1100 students from approximately 100 countries contribute to the rich international culture of Ohio University.

Alden Library offers some of the best resources in the state related to international themes and issues. The library's materials include Ohio's largest collection on Africa and one of the best collections on Southeast Asia in the world, while the Latin American collection has especially strong Central American holdings. Ohio University is the official depository for government documents from Botswana, Guatemala, Malaysia, and Swaziland. International periodicals, films, videos, and other media are also readily available from the library's extensive holdings.

Education Abroad

For information about education abroad opportunities, refer to "Office of Education Abroad" in the "University-Wide Academic Opportunities" section.

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