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Ioan Buteanu

Ioan Buteanu (1821-1849) Born in Maramures, Buteanu studied law in Zagreb and Pest. After practicing law in Maramures, he moved to Abrud in 1846. He participated in the March revolutionary gatherings in Cluj and other Transylvanian towns in April (Abrud, Cimpeni, Bistra) which culminated in the first Blaj meeting of Romanian national leaders in April (of which he was a principal leader).

At the second Blaj assembly in May, Buteanu was a major mover, and was elected to the Romanian National Committee established there. He was close to Simion Barnutiu and the radical wing of the Romanian national movement.

In support of t he ideal of Romanian unity, Buteanu participated in the Muntenian revolution from July to September 1848, returning to Transylvania only after the Ottoman suppression of that revolt. He attended the Third Blaj meeting in September as part of Iancu's armed band. He subsequently became prefect of the Zarand Legion, where he led the opposition to Bem's army. His forces successfully fought Hungarian troops between January-April 1849, despite very unfavorable odds. Engaged in negotiations with Kossuth in April and May, Buteanu was captured and executed by the Magyars, becoming a symbol of Romanian national resistance.
Paul E. Michelson


Silviu Dragomir, Ioan Buteanu Bucuresti: 1928.

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