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Ion Ionescu de la Brad

Ion IONESCU DE LA BRAD (1818-1891) Son of a Moldovan Orthodox priest, Ionescu was educated in Iasi (where he studied with Eftimie Murgu) and then France, where he specialized in agrarian economics. In 1842, he became a professor of agronomy at the Academia Mihaileana in Iasi, collaborated with the nationalists associated with the journal Propasirea (1844), and, with Nicolae Balcescu, became a principal advocate of land reform in the Romanian principalities.

Following the failure of the short-lived Moldovan movement in 1848, Ionescu joined Balcescu in Bucuresti as a participant in the Muntenian revolution. He served as leader of the radical faction in the commission established to handle land questions. After the defeat of the Muntenian revolution in September, 1848, Ionescu went into exile. Returning to Moldova in 1857, he was extremely active as an administrator, deputy, and professor after the unification of Moldova and Muntenia (in 1859-1861) in agrarian reform, agricultural education, and economic and statistical research. Ionescu de la Brad was a prolific scholar and writer on agricultural and economic topics, publishing over 40 books and pamphlets and nearly 400 articles.
Paul E. Michelson


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