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Mauro Macchi

MAURO MACCHI, Born in Milan in 1818, Macchi attributed to his secondary school teacher and lifelong friend, Carlo Cattaneo, his interest in issues of economic and social progress. Unlike his mentor, however, Macchi was also close to Mazzinian groups that were formed among the Milanese middle and lower classes in the early 1840s. As a result of these Mazzinian connections, he was watched by the Habsburg police and forced to seek refuge in nearby Piedmont. He returned to Milan during the March 1848 insurrection against the Habsburg government and played a significant role in the barricade fighting. He remained close to Cattaneo and other republican and democratic leaders during the revolutionary government, and he left Milan with them in August 1848.

In the early 1850s, Macchi collaborated with Cattaneo on publishing the documentary history of the revolution in Italy. After returning to Piedmont for a second time, he became a successful journalist, known for his polemics against moderate liberals and Mazzinian republicans. He also became active in the civic and political education of workers, the regulation of child labor, and t he movement for women's rights. He championed these causes in the democratic press and in the national parliament until his death in Rome in 1880.
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