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Ioan Maiorescu

Ioan Maiorescu (1811-1864) Transylvanian born Romanian educator. After studies in Blaj, Cluj, Budapest, and Vienna, he became a teacher in Muntenia in 1836. He was dismissed in 1842 because of his critical attitude toward the existing state of social and cultural life. He was subsequently restored to his post and became school inspector in Craiova in 1847.

Maiorescu was a friend of Gheorghe Magheru, the Muntenian revolutionary military leader, and participated actively in the events of 1848 from the outset. His local popularity and influence helped prevent the arrest of the Islaz provisional government in June 1848. He was deputed by the Muntenian revolutionary movement to serve as liaison with the Romanians of Transylvania. Thereafter, he was sent as agent of the Muntenian provisional government to Frankfurt and Vienna to promote the Romanian national point of view at the German Vorparliament and in the German-language press.

After the defeat of the Romanian revolutions, he remained in exile in Vienna, where he continued to publicize the Romanian cause. In 1859, he returned to Muntenia, now unified with Moldova, and because director of public schools and a professor at St. Sava School.

Paul E. Michelson


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