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National Council (Rada Narodowa)in Lwow

National Council [Rada Narodowa] in Lwow, founded on April 13,1848 during the revolution in Galicia as a reaction of Polish democrats against an attempt of the Governor of Galicia, Franz Stadion, to reactivate the Galician Sejm, and draw the Galician landowners away from the revolutionary movement. As a result, the Sejm called by Stadion for April 25, broke up and its members were subordinated to the N.C. The N.C.established branches throughout Galicia, as well as national guards (altogether two thousand volunteers from all over the province) and began issuing a "National Daily" (Dziennik Narodowy). Initially the Lviv N.C. consisted of twenty six people; in the course of time it was enlarged to one hundred twenty: half of them conservative landowners, another half radical intelligentsia. The N. C. attempted to gain the support of the peasantry for the revolution in Galicia and appealed to the Polish landowners to abolish the corvee on Easter Day, April 23, 1848; in order to prevent a division of Galicia into a Polish and a Ruthenian part (advocated by the Supreme Ruthenian Council (Holovna Rus'ka Rada), the N.C. supported the Ruthenian Assembly (Rus'kyy Sobor), composed of Poles of Ruthenian origin ready to cooperate with the Poles. The collapse of the Viennese revolution made the suppression of the Polish movement only a question of time; after a clash between Austrian soldiers and members of the Lviv National Guard, on the November 2 Lvov was bombed and capitulated, the N.C. dissolved, and a state of siege announced for Galicia.
Jolanta T. Pekacz


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