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RISORGIMENTO (Newspaper): first published in Turin (capital of Piedmont-Sardinia) on December 15, 1847. Starting as a weekly, it became a daily in January 1848. Established by moderate, affluent royalists, led by Cesare Balbo and edited by Camillo Benso di Cavour until October 26, 1848, its program called for Italian independence, a league of Italian states, union between princes and peoples, and a program of reforms. During the revolutionary biennium 1848-49 it played a crucial role in influencing public opinion and government policies in the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, and making revolution "respectable." It also marked the entry into active political life of Camillo Benso di Cavour, who wrote in one of the first issues that the paper did not aim to make money, rather to enlighten the country and to cooperate with the government in furthering the Risorgimento. As editor he set the paper's editorial policy and contributed many of its most important articles. Even after formally giving up the editorship Cavour continued to write on political and economic matters. Early in 1848 the paper began to urge the king Charles Albert to grant a Constitution, and on March 23, 1848, it called for war against Austria to support the revolutionary movements for independence in Lombardy and Venetia. As Cavour became more and more involved in politics, finally becoming prime minister in 1852, his journalistic collaboration decreased. In May 1849 the Risorgimento fused with the more conservative Nazione. The new paper continued, however, to support government policies throughout the 1850s.
Emiliana P. Noether


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