Professor Tingyue Gu serves as a consult to the oil and gas companies and oil-field services companies for issues related to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) forensics/diagnosis, mechanisms, modeling, biocide treatment (mitigation), etc. He is available as expert witness serving either the defense or the plaintiff side on MIC related cases. He has also worked on a consulting project on nuclear power cooling condenser MIC problems. He has conducted a 6-hour workshop on MIC dealing with mechanisms, modeling, detection and mitigation. He has developed entirely new theories on MIC mechanisms that have been put into practical uses leading to new discoveries in detection and treatment. He is a scientific consultant for a biocide company in Houston. Professor Gu has also served as a consult for the bio-fuels and bioseparations companies.

He is capable of modeling and software development on Windows platform. He can custom develop software with graphical user interface. His software programs have been used in over 32 countries for research, product development and production. 

Please contact him for hourly rates or an overall project cost.