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Introduction to Management Last Updated: May 18, 2018
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Course Description

The course objective is to expose students to the basics of management in organizations. After completion, students should have a basic understanding of the structure, processes and behaviors that underlie the practice of management. The goal is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and theories of management as they are applied in organizational life. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of managers and the skills and competencies necessary for managerial success. Students will develop an understanding of the vocabulary of management as it is used in contemporary workplaces. The pre-requisite for this course is sophomore-level standing.

Course Objectives

General learning outcomes for the course include being able to:

  • define the purpose and nature of management;
  • differentiate between the dominant perspectives in the field of management;
  • correctly describe various management concepts, theories, and models; and
  • understand when and where the use of specific concepts, theories, and models is appropriate and correctly apply these

Required Text

Organized around the well-established planning, organizing, leading, and controlling framework (or, simply, P-O-L-C). Three underlying themes carry throughout: strategic thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, and active management. For access to the online text, click here. For a PDF version, click here.

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