Li Lab Research Opportunities  

Research opportunities are available for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in Dr. Li's laboratory. Please contact us for possible opening position.

Undergraduate Students. Each year there are several research assistantships are available through founding to Dr. Li. Students are encouraged to contact directly to Dr. Li for availability and requirement. Students can also participate in research experience through several opportunities sponsored by Ohio University including the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE), and HTC Research Apprenticeships.

Medical Students: Medical students are also welcomed to participate in research projects in my laboratory through applying for the Summer Medical Student Research Fellowship program. Medical students interested in research have the opportunity to work towards a combined D.O./Ph.D. degree.

Graduate students: We accept new graduate students for the coming school year. Graduate students have the opportunity to pursue Ph.D. degrees in Dr. Li laboratory through the interdepartmental graduate programs in Biological Sciences, Neurosciences/Neurobiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Inquiries about opportunities for graduate study in this laboratory should be addressed directly to Dr. Li.


Post-doctoral position, and Technician position: please contact Dr. Li for the opening of post-doctoral/research associate position (Ph.D. or M.D. degree required), and the  opening of technician or research assistant position (B.A./B.S. degree required).