Music 4160/5160: Independent Project in Electronic Music
Mark Phillips, Professor
475B Music Bldg.
Music Bldg. Rm. 475A

This course is designed to give you an opportunity to work independently in the MIDI Lab; to apply skills and techniques learned in previous courses (or elsewhere) toward the realization of a creative electronic music or digital audio project. You are to work at your own speed on a project of your own design. (See guidelines below.) Your are encouraged to seek feedback throughout the quarter, especially if you are having difficulty, or are unsure if you are on the right track. You can set up an appointment with me at any point in the quarter -- either in person, or through email, or with notes left on my door. You can also submit "in-progress" drafts of your work via this website.

General Project Guidelines

Final Project will consist of .....

1) an audio CD or a collection of audio files totaling ca. 10 min. (or more) of the highest quality music you are able to complete.
Note: This can be divided up anyway you see fit one long song/composition, or several short ones.)

2) written documentaion

(ca. 2-3 pages) explaining your project. Include answers to the following: what software? what hardware? did you have any collaborators? if so, who? and what was their contribution? what problems did you encounter? how did you solve (or attempt to solve) them?

3) visual/graphic documentation

This may include screen shots of your project running in whatever software you used to create the project (note: on a Mac you can do this by typing <command-shift> 3). It may also include photos of your recording session and/or the equipment you used.

You have a couple of options for submitting your documentation. You can create a single document with screen shots and photos embedded in the text and send me a pdf version of it. Or you can create a folder with a simple text document and a collection of informatively named/labled photos. Before you submit this folder, please compress it so that it ends with the ".zip" suffix.

You can submit this report via email, or on this course web site. You can also submit your audio tracks and Quicktime files via this method, too.

Note: There are other options available for getting Music 4160 credit (a score for a student film or video project, a collaboration with a choreographer, Max/MSP programming, a Finale score, etc.). If you are considering one of these options you should definitely discuss your plans with me early in the quarter and get approval for your project.

Final Project Mini-Concert:

Time: 8 PM on the Wednesday of Final Exam Week

Location: Recital Hall (Gldn. rm. 400)

Please let me know ASAP, if you have a problem with this date/time.
All students are required to attend and to play or demonstrate some portion of their final projects.

Final Project Due Date: By midnight on Thursday of final exam week
This is the deadline for turning in both your audio and your written report.

If you turn in your project too late, you may end up with an I or a PR on your report card temporarily.