Ohio University School of Music

Electronic Music Graduate Assistantship: 2014-2015
(All positions are currently filled for the current academic year, 2013-2014)


It is anticipated that one award will be given in Composition, Theory, and/or Electronic and Computer Music for the 2014-2015 academic year. Assistantships are very limited in number and awarded competitively.  Though not required, an interview is strongly recommended, especially for candidates interested in being awarded teaching duties.  Interviews can be arranged throughout the year.

Note: Applications for the Master's Degree in Composition are accepted anytime and students can admitted and begin the program anytime.  However assistantships are generally awarded only during the late winter and early spring, so to be assured of full consideration please adhere to the following deadline.

Application Deadline:
February 15, 2014 (or until filled)

Compensation package and other details:



Specific duties will vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidates.  Duties in Electronic and Computer Music may include the following: help supervise Macintosh-based MIDI lab, teach undergraduate and lower level classes in MIDI applications and digital audio, perform routine lab maintenance, and create instructional materials and/or custom software.  Appointments in Composition and Theory may include duties such as teaching classes in music theory (generally to non-majors), music theory tutoring, supervising aural skills labs sessions, helping professors with grading and other tasks.

School of Music Computer Lab Facilities: 
The School of Music has a first-rate electronic and computer music program centered around a multi-station lab and a new surround sound studio.  Each workstation is equipped with an Apple computer, a MIDI keyboard, MIDI tone generators, and a variety of commercial and custom software. 

Degrees Offered:

Master of Music (M.M.) degrees available in Composition, History and Literature, Performance, Music Education, and Music Therapy.

Additional information on graduate study in music composition is available at the following links:



Admission is by application to the Graduate School and the School of Music. (See link below.)


Application requirements for Master of Music (M.M.) degree in Composition: (See link below.)


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