Ridgely Image

Ryan Ridgely

WitmerLab at Ohio University
- 3D Vertebrate Morphologist
- Scientific Illustrator
- 3D X-ray Imaging Specialist

Email: ridgely@ohio.edu

Click on thumbnails in the mini-portfolio below to see some featured projects from my long and varied career. Behind each image below, you'll find a video, animation, image, or story. I've worn, and continue to wear a lot of hats, and this portfolio shows my broad professional interests

Tyrannosaurs on Display
Watch this Space!
Memphis Belle Infographic
Memphis Belle Infographic
T-rex Brain
3D Printable Tyrannosaurus rex Brain!
Allosaurus Dinosaur Feeding
Animated Infographic: Allosaurus Feeding
rhino anatomy
Rhinoceros Conservation Efforts
Stegoceras airflow
Animated Infographic: Dinosaur Breathing
Long-Necked Dinosaur Anatomy
Nitrogen cycle
Aquarium Maintenance Infographic
B-17G Flying Fortress Model and Rig
Interactive Model: B-17 Flying Fotress
Four eyed lizard
Ancient Lizard Illustration
human skull
Interactive Medical Education
Tyrannosaurs on Display
Baby Tyrannosaur Restoration on Exhibit
Ridgely and Ankylosaurs
New "Twists" in Dinosaur Noses