Nikhil Sathe

Associate Professor of German

Ohio University - Department of Modern Languages

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=Information about the Salzburg Study Abroad Program:



=The 50 Year Celebration of the Salzburg Study Abroad Program was held on September 15, 2018. Click here to see Pictures of the event!



=Links to picture pages from the Salzburg Study Abroad Program

(Note: The sites for 2004-2013 are PDF versions of the previous websites. Most links in these pages are no longer active).


2004        PreArrival       Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10




2006        Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10       Reunion




2007        Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10




2009        Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10




2011        Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10




2012        Week1       Week2       Week3       Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10




2013        Week1       Week2       Week3              Week4       Week5       Week6       Week7       Week8       Week9       Week10       Week11       Week12       Week13       Week14