Team Dizzy Dragster on Race Day (May 19, 2001)

In spite of not being allowed to compete against the students, Team Dizzy nevertheless underwent the excitement of demonstrating a vehicle that could make a convincing showing of a Stirling powered dragster. We first show Dr. Iz and the Dragster both relaxing before the race on this rather wet drizly day: In the background we see Team dynama-RAMM warming up their machine.

Next we see the race in progress - Notice the quizical onlookers including Dave Berchowitz of Global Cooling, Robby Ungar of Sunpower, and supporter Mary Lee Powell of the Pathology Department who was kind enough to loan Team Dizzy a dribbling control valve for the open-cycle water cooling system.

Finally towards the end of the course we see Zach Williams (Dr Bob's son), an enthusiastic young supporter in mediaeval attire jogging alongside the dragster with team member Nili bringing up the rear with tools, spare parts, beeper, and extra cooling water - just in case....