Beginning Pilates with Kris Kumfer - Fall 2003

During the Fall Quarter of 2003 a group from Wellworks had a wonderful introduction to Beginning Pilates every Saturday morning. On the last day of class we asked Kris to run through the sequence so that I could photograph it. This way we could recall and practice the exercises before starting the Intermediate Class following the winter break.

The Hundred


The sequence always starts with The Hundred as a warmup, followed by the following set:

 Roll Up (3)

 Single Leg Circles (5)

 Rolling Like a Ball (6)

This is followed by the "Sequence of Five" leg stretches:

 Single Leg Stretch (5-8)

 Double Leg Stretch (5-8)

 Single Straight Leg Stretch (5)

 Double Straight Leg Stretch (5)

 Criss Cross (5)

At this stage, totally exhausted, we relax with the...

Spine Stretch Forward


After catching our breaths, we "Navel to Spine" again and do the following four:

 Open Leg Rocker (6)

 Corkscrew (3)



This is followed by a sequence of various Sidekicks (on both sides, of course):

 Front & Back Sidekick

 Up & Down, Circles

 Lower Leg Up&Down,Circles

The Single Leg Teaser is a difficult one - but the end is sweet and a lot of fun...clic-clic-clic...clic-clic-clic...

The Seal



Don't forget - 24/7 - Navel to Spine!