The Exclusive ME Dept. Survivors Club - April Fool's Day, 2006

   April Fool's day heralded the inaugural meeting of the newly formed ME Dept Survivors Club. Membership in this exclusive club is by invitation only, and the basic prerequisites is that one must be a ME Dept. employee in good standing (tenured faculty or permanent staff only) and have survived a formally documented life threatining disease or accident. It is preferable (however not required) that a proposed member has been airlifted by helicopter to Columbus. Once invited to join by the club standing committee then the new member can proudly wear the "Maroon and Gold" symbol of acceptance.

The inaugural meeting took the form of a dinner party at the home of the club secretary in which breathtaking life threatening encounters were described, followed by heated discussion. Shown below is a photograph of the founding members wearing the "Maroon and Gold" (provided by Precision Imprint, Athens, Ohio) followed by a photograph of the grateful spice (Spouses?)