Proposed Pictures for the New ME Web Page - 9/22/05

There has been much buzzing going around about upgrading the ME web page in order to attract more students, however the greasy gear pictures proposed are unfortunate. We feel that an intimate look at the behaviour of some of the faculty members in their offices will do a lot more to promote our department. A typical set is shown below:

Two senior and two younger faculty members doing productive work in their offices


Professor Rudi relaxing in his office and evaluating the anti-oxidents swimming in an exotic blend of Green Tea


Dr. Iz in his office preparing for a much needed Water Rocket Launch

Dr. Bob playing with his lego set in his office before showing it off in the ME301 class. Dr. Bob is also much admired for his creative contemporary poetry. Dr. Greg in his office - we are not sure what he is doing - it is too dark in there.