The Inclusive Access Program
for Ohio University MATH 1350
2024 Spring Semester

What is it?

Ohio University MATH 1350 is part of the Inclusive Access Program at Ohio University. That means that when students register for MATH 1350, they automatically get access to the course materials that they will need for the course. These materials include the online MyLab system (used for the online Homework Assignments that are required in the course) and an online eText copy of the textbook.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Online Course Materials is a discounted Inclusive Access Price of $63.99 plus Ohio sales tax, for a total of about $69. That cost will be automatically billed to students through their Ohio University Student Account. If a student drops the course before the drop deadline (Friday, Jan 27, 2023), the student account will be credited for any amount billed. After they register, students receive more information about the Inclusive Access program, including an option to “Opt Out" of participation in the program. To ”Opt Out” means that the payment for the Online Course Materials is not handled by the Inclusive Access program. If a student does that, they can still use the Online Course Materials, but in order to access them, they will be asked to make a credit card payment for the Retail Price of $79.99 plus Ohio tax, for a total of about $86. Note that the Retail Price is higher than the Inclusive Access Price. (Some students prefer reading printed books rather than eBooks. When a student accesses the Online Course Materials, they will find information about an optional add-on of a printed copy of the textbook for a discounted price.)

How do Students Access the Course Materials?

Students will access the MyLab Math system, including the eText, through the Blackboard site for their MATH 1350 course. Initial access to the system involves a few steps. Those steps are explained on the web page Accessing My Lab Math.

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