Accessing Pearson MyLab and the online eText
for Ohio University MATH 1350
2023 - 2024 Spring Semester

Video Illustrating How to Set Up MyLab

If you are struggling with Technical Problems related to MyLab, please reach out to the Pearson 24/7 Tech Support Team by clicking on this link:

(It is worth noting that the vast majority of times that a student reports being unable to access Mylab, it turns out that the student is on an Apple computer and is using the Safari web browser. The Safari browser is notoriously uncooperative with MyLab. If you are using an Apple computer, it is strongly recommended that you install the Google Chrome web browser, and use that browser when you access Blackboard and MyLab.)

Ohio University (Athens Campus) MATH 1350 is part of the Inclusive Access Program at Ohio University. That means that when you register for MATH 1350, you automatically get access to the MyLab system run by Pearson, the publisher of the textbook. You also get access to an online eText copy of the textbook. (For more information about the Inclusive Access Program, click on this link: (Information about the Inclusive Access Program) You will access the MyLab system and the eText through the Blackboard page for your MATH 1350 course. Initial access to the system involves a few steps. This web page is an outline of those steps.

You will need an appropriate computer system.

You will need to configure your Pearson account.

If you have an appropriate computer system and have configured your Pearson account, you should not need to go through the configuration steps again in the future. From now on, the procedure will be

Summary of the Route to MyLab

Blackboard ==> Digital Course Materials ==> Vital Source Dashboard ==> MyLab

You should always go through Blackboard to get to MyLab

If you to to MyLab through Blackboard, you will not be asked for a Course ID and you will not be asked for an Access Code.

If you try to go to MyLab directly, not through Blackboard, you will be asked for a Course ID and an Access Code. We will not give you the Course ID. That is the wrong way to get to MyLab. (If you don't go to MyLab through Blackboard, your grades will not be available to MATH 1350!!)

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