MBMG is a part of the Cnenter for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Ohio University and has access to a range of equipment for Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Testing, Materials Characterization and Imaging, and Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation. In addition to the equipment housed on campus, the NDT&E group has access to additional equipment through collaborations.


Additive Manufacturing

  • OpenAdditive SLM
  • FDM Printers
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  • Keyence VHX7000 Digital Microscope (20x-2500x) w/ 3D imaging
  • Dynolite Digial Microscope (20-200x)
  • SEM JEOL JSM-6390 w/EDS & EBSD
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Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Physical Acoustics PCI8-Express DAQ
  • ARAMIS Stereo 2M DIC system
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Various Transducers
  • 2D DIC
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Mechanical Testing

  • Instron 5567 Unixaial Tester
  • MTS 810 ServoHydraulic Uniaxial Tester