Physics 371   Fall Quarter 2011              Instructor: Justin Frantz
Ohio University

Intermediate Lab:  Electrons

 Syllabus                             Original Revision of Syllabus
Office              216 Edwards Accelerator Laboratory           
Phone             593-1978                                                     
Office Hrs      1-2 pm Wed and by appointment
Class room   Clippinger 031, 259  Edwards 208


We will be covering at least Ch 1,2,3,4,6 in the textbook.

Reading assignment #1 Due 9/8/11 Bevington & Robinson  Chapt 1
Reading assignment #2 Due 9/13/11 Bevington & Robinson  Chapt 2
Reading assignment #3 Due 9/15/11 Bevington & Robinson  Chapt 3
Reading assignment #4 Due 9/20/11 Bevington & Robinson  Chapt 4 excluding 4.4
Reading assignment #5 Due 9/22/11 Bevington & Robinson  Chapt 6

Homework Assignment #1   Due 9/15/11   Problems 2.8, 2.13, 3.5  (Bevington)
Homework Assignment #2   Due 9/20/11   Number 8 from Distributions Tutorial (can submit in class via email)
Homework Assignment #3   Due 9/22/11   Problem 4.6  (Bevington) (Electronic Excel File is acceptable for this also)

First Lab Report   Due 10/14  5 pm (My Clipp or Edwards mailbox)

Second Lab Preliminary Questions  Due 10/13
Second Lab Plan  Due 10/18
Second Lab Report  Due 10/28 5pm  (My Clipp or Edwards mailbox)

Third Lab Preliminary Questions  Due 10/27
Third Lab Report  Due 11/11/11  5pm  (My Clipp or Edwards mailbox)

Fourth Lab Preliminary Questions  Due 11/3
Fourth Lab Report Due 11/22  12 pm (hardcopies--by 5pm if electronic)





Columbia University Error Tutorial

Distributions Tutorial


Lab/Instrument Manuals

Main Lab Manual

Electron Diffraction (Klinger)
e/m (3B Scientific)
e/m (Cenco)
Hall Effect (Leybold)
Keithley 195A
Oil Drop (Cenco)
Franck-Hertz (3B Scientific)
Franck-Hertz (Leybold)
Tektronix TDS2004B

Required Reading

"How to write a lab report" from Pomona University (

Optional Reading

Histogramming under Excel
Fitting in Excel :  google search "nonlinear fitting in Excel"
    One such saved link to MIT site 

no-cost version of Visual Studio (download Visual C++ only, default v10.0 but v9.0 is also available under "2008 Express")
Link for ROOT MSIs (choose appropriate based on version of C++)
OU Radiation Safety Training overview

Class Notes

All slides in one file

Lab Report Requirements