Mohammad Rifat Haider

Assistant Professor, Ohio University

RifatI am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Public Health, housed at the College of Health Sciences & Professions at Ohio University. I completed my Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina and most recently worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow for the Center for Healthcare Quality (CHQ) at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina. Prior to pursuing my Ph.D. study, I also earned masters’ degrees in Health Economics and Population Sciences and the bachelor degree in Medicine. By combining my clinical training as a physician with other trainings in public health, epidemiology, economics, sociology, and behavioral sciences, I have gained experience in different fields that directly or indirectly affect health of the population.

Contact Detail
Department of Social and Public Health
Ohio University
Grover Center W333, 1 Ohio University Drive
Athens 45701 USA