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Feeding Experiments End-User Database

The Feeding Experiments End-user Database (FEED) is a publicly-available multi-species collection of physiologic data and associated metadata from mammalian feeding experiments.

The physiologic data contain information on muscle activity, bone and muscle strain, jaw and oropharyngeal apparatus motion, bite force, and intra-oral pressure during feeding. FEED is intended to facilitate understanding of the complexity and connectivity between behaviors, physiological mechanisms, and structures involved in mammalian feeding across multiple scales of organization. The metadata in the database incorporates non-overlapping ontologies related to feeding behavior, function, and structure.

This database was funded by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and the National Science Foundation (DBI-1062327 to Susan Williams) as well as NSF grants to collaborators Dr. Christine Wall (project leader), Dr. Chris Vinyard, Dr. Rebecca German and Dr. Robert Druzinsky.

Selected Publications

  • Druzinsky RE, JP Balhoff, AW Crompton, J Done, RZ German, MA Haendel, A Herrel, SW Herring, H Lapp, PM Mabee, H-M Mueller, CJ Mungall, PW Stemberg, K Van Auken, CJ Vinyard, SH Williams, and CE Wall. 2016. Muscle Logic: New Knowledge Resource for Anatomy Enables Comprehensive Searches of the Literature on the Feeding Muscles of Mammals. PLOS One 11(2): e0149102.
  • Wall, CE, CJ Vinyard, SH Williams, V Gapayev, X Liu, H Lapp, RZ German. 2011. Overview of the Feeding Experiments End-user Database (FEED). Integrative and Comparative Biology 51: 215-223.

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