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Course: MATH 3110/5110

Title: College Geometry

Section: 100 (Class Numbers 5881/5906)

Campus: Ohio University, Athens Campus

Department: Mathematics

Academic Year: 2018 - 2019

Term: Spring Semester

Instructor: Mark Barsamian

Contact Information: My contact information is posted on my web page.

Office Hours for 2018 - 2019 Spring Semester: 9am - 10am Mon - Fri in Morton 538

Course Description: A rigorous course in axiomatic geometry. Birkoff's metric approach (in which the axioms incorporate the concept of real numbers) is used. Throughout the course, various models will be introduced to illustrate the axioms, definitions and theorems. These models include the familiar Cartesian Plane and Spherical Geometry models, but also less familiar models such as the Poincaré Upper Half Plane, the Taxicab Plane, and the Moulton Plane. Substantial introduction to the method of proof will be provided, including discussion of conditional statements and quantified conditional statements and their negations, and discussion of proof structure for direct proofs, proving the contrapositive, and proof by contradiction.

Prerequisites: (MATH 3050 Discrete Math or CS 3000 Introduction to Discrete Structures) and (MATH 3200 Applied Linear Algebra or MATH 3210 Linear Algebra)

Cross-Listing: Note that this is a cross-listed course: Undergraduate students register for MATH 3110; graduate students, for MATH 5110.

Special Needs: If you have physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities that require accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible so that your needs may be appropriately met.

Class meetings: This class used to meet Mon, Wed, Fri 12:55pm - 1:50pm in Morton Hall Room 126

Move to Online Instruction for Spring 2020

Ohio University moved all of its 2019 – 2020 Spring Semester courses to an online format during Spring Break, in March 2020. This web page is undergoing redesign in order to better suit the needs of instructors running online courses.

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Final Exam Date: Friday, May 1, 2020, 3:10pm - 5:10pm in Morton 126

Syllabus: For Section 100 (Class Numbers 5881 and 5906), taught by Mark Barsamian, this web page replaces the usual paper syllabus. If you need a paper syllabus (now or in the future), unhide the next four portions of hidden content (Textbook, Calendar, , Course Structure) and then print this web page.

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