2023 spring, part of the group gathered for a dinner.
2022 spring, thank Prof. Paul Cremer for visiting Ohio Univeristy and giving an inspiring seminar to our students and faculty. Chen thanks Prof. Cremer for years of advising, training, support and mentoring.
2021 Preparing for the end of year party.
2021 Fall Ohio University (courtesy of Prof. Jim Zhu at EE&CS)
2021 Fall chemistry building (from inside to north east).
2021 Fall Chemistry building (from south west)
2021 Fall Wintergreen Physical Chemistry Meeting
2021 Fall group
2021 Spring, we are very happy moving in the new building and new lab.
2021 Spring group
2021 Spring, new lab in the new chemistry building.
2021 Spring, new lab in the new chemistry building.
2021 Spring, group meeting during the pandemic.
2020 Summer, no graduation ceremony but have a picture. Hope the pandemic over soon.
2020 Spring, Congratulations on Juvinch and Kristina successfully defended Ph.D.
2019 Fall, Congratulations on Dinesh passing the candidacy defense.
2019 Summer.
2019 Summer.
2019 Spring Group
OU Chemistry students pictured with 2018 Chemistry Nobel laureate Prof. Frances Arnold in the 2019 ACS meeting at Florida.
Photo credit: Andrew
Photo credit: Rachel
Congratulations on Kurt's successful Ph.D. defense!
Photo credit:
Congratulations on Joe's successful Ph.D. defense!
Photo credit: Ryan Flynn
Congratulations on all winners of the 2018 NQPI poster competition, especially the chemistry students Joe and Dinesh from our group, Ali from Prof. Richardson's group, Uvi from Prof. Cimatu's group, and Ramin from Prof. Masson's group.
Photo credit: Ali
2018 summer students and faculty picnic of Physical Chemistry and Physics.
The 2018 HOPE doctoral students who participated in the annual event at NREL this summer. Credit: NREL
7/8-7/13, 2018
Juvinch at
NREL HOPE workshop,
National Renewable Energy  Laboratory at Colorado
2018 Spring group
Photo credit: Jixin
Thank Prof. Reihard Denecke from Leipzig University (Germany) for visiting OU and giving us two wonderful lectures about heterogeneous catalysis and materials characterization. The picture was taken inside the Little Fish.
Photo credit: Christy
Thank my mentor Prof. Christy Landes from Rice University for visiting us and giving a fansinating CMSS seminar about single-molecule fluorescence and protein separation. The picture was taken on the way to the lecture hall.
Photo credit: Jixin
2017 Aug. 20-24
254th ACS National Meeting
Jixin, Joe, Juvinch, and Kurt presented at ACS meeting and enjoying the NASA's demonstration about the eclipse, one of the most eclipsed of any area in America for 100 years.
Photo credit: Andrew's drone
2017 Summer
picnic at Strouds Run Park


Old Man's Cave camping with the Sagle group in the Chemistry Department at University of Cincinnati and other two Physical Chemistry groups, Richardson group and Cimatu group at Ohio University.

Photo credit: Jixin
Ohio University Student Expo. All students in the group presented and the picture was taken for Kurt's postor.
Photo credit: Jixin, Hugh
Congratulations to Prof. Alexander (Sasha) Govorov for winning distinguished professorship at OU for his outstanding contributions to plasmonics and fruitful collaborations with Prof. Hugh Richardson and others.
Photo credit: Jixin
Ohio University Student Expo
Photo credit: Jixin
Ohio University Student Expo
Photo credit: Jixin
Ohio University Student Expo
Photo credit: Stephanie Chan
Chen Group
Photo credit: Stephanie Chan
Summer BBQ picnic
Photo credit: Jixin
Chen Group
Photo credit: Ben Siegel
Dr. Chen
just arrived at Ohio University
Photo credit: Pamella On
Photo credit: David Cooper
2008?-2012 (Photoshoped)
2004 Summer
Tianjin, China