Ohio University
Justin Frantz

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ohio University
216 Edwards Accelerator Lab
Athens, OH 45701
("at" ohio.edu)  email:   frantz    

Curriculum Vitae


Physics 611 Winter Quarter 2009
Physics 373 Spring Quarter 2011
Physics 371 Fall Quarter 2011
Physics 728 Spring Quarter 2012
Physics 2051 (LON CAPA)


I study Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics.  This research is primarily done in conjunction with the PHENIX experiment, which studies Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), a theory of the nature of the fundamental force known as the strong force which binds nuclei and other elementary particles, under the most extreme conditions of high temperature and density ever achieved in a laboratory.  Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics is  a combination of particle and nuclear physics in which heavy nuclei are collided at large particle accelerators like RHIC and the LHC at energies comparable to the highest that are achievable even for elementary particle collisions.


I have two daughters Ava and Anna, and my wife is named Jen.
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I am from Western PA and therefore, a loyal fan of the Steelers.
Pittsburgh Steelers

Talks Not Published Elsewhere

AAPT Appalacian Region Meeting Fall 2012 Athens OH
A New Lecture-SCALEUP Hybrid Course Design

APS Division of Nuclear Physics 2009 Waikoloa Village, HI Invited Talk
Studying Jet Modifcation with Direct Photon-Hadron Correlations in RHIC Collisions

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