Physics 728   Spring Quarter 2012              Instructor: Justin Frantz
Ohio University

Particles And Nuclei III

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Nonperturbative QCD, and Other Selected Topics



Problem Set #1  Due Wed. April 11 in my mailbox: 
-Vogt Ch. 1 Exercises 1,2,3.  For 1 only do Ekin = 0.5, 2, 200 GeV.  For 2, do only sqrt(s) =  1800, 5500, and 14000.  For 3, do only O,Sn, Pb.
-4) Derive why dy = dpz/E.
-5) Show why or in what cases (1/(2pipT) dsigma/dydpT) is equal to the Lorentz Invariant Cross Section.

First Paper/Presentation Assignments  (20 minute presentations in class, Friday April 20th)
-Group 1)  Bijaya and Brian:   Seminal Bjorken Paper:  Only Read Section I and II.
-Group 2)  Linda, Sushil, and Cody
First PHENIX Flow Paper
-Group 3)  Shamim, Arbin
  First PHENIX Multiplicity Paper (And First PHENIX Physics Paper Overall)

Problem Set #2  Due Wed May 9th in my mailbox.
-Please refer to this pdf:  Problem Set 2

Problem Set #3  Due Wed May 25th in my mailbox.
-Please refer to this pdf:  Problem Set 3
Last Assignment, Due Friday  June 1, in my mailbox
-Short paper report of Reading Assignments  discussed in class, and with details specified in the email from me.
                Reading from Wong for Cody/Brian Topic 2).
                Jiri Chyla Free Textbook online "Quarks, partons and Quantum Chromodynamics" (very nice reference for virtually all of this course)
                  which contains the reading assignment for  Bijaya and Arbin.
-3 or more pages, Font Size <= 12 point
Questions:  Directions

-1) Summarize the entire reading assignment, include important points explained therein, you should include plots, if appropriate.

-2) Explain the derivation of (you don't need to DO the derivation) and the significance of the 2 most important equations

-3) Relate at least one or more equations to formulas or topics we discussed in class at any point. 

-4) You think of something else to write about if you are short of the 3 pages. 


Required Reading
Vogt, Ch 1,2,3, 9, 8

Optional Reading
Wong String Model

no-cost version of Visual Studio (download Visual C++ only, default v10.0 but v9.0 is also available under "2008 Express")
Link for ROOT MSIs (choose appropriate based on version of C++)
Neat Web Page to do glauber calcs online!

Class Notes

Class Slides now on blackboard-first part
Class Slides now on blackboard_part2 post scattering