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A Word (or More) About Announcements

I will generally try to post important information not contained in other places here. Do not rely on this page for reminders about project deadlines or the exam. Changes in schedule, while not anticipated, will be indicated here rather than revising the Topic Schedule page.

Move to Online Instruction

All the materials/links you need to finish out the semester online will be found on the following page:

Online Schedule/Materials

Additional Readings

In addition to "Decisive," I would like you to read the following articles/chapters before arriving for class on the dates indicated:

10 Ways to Be a Better Thinker (January 21)

Introduction to Decision Making (January 23)

Strategic Decisions (March 3)

Improving Decision Making (April 14)

Toulmin Model of Argumentation

Following my discussion of the Toulmin model on January 21, I will post the slides (along with definitions) for that material here:

Toulmin Model Presentation

Implicit Associations Test

On March 24 and 26, we will discuss fairness in decision making. To prepare for that session, I would like you to take the Race Implicit Associations Test and note your results. To access this test, click:

Race Implicit Associations Test

In-Class Movie (12 Angry Men)

On April 21 and 23, we will watch a movie in class. Viewing should be in light of concepts addressed throughout the semester. You will be required to answer one essay-type item on the Final Exam based on the movie. Use the following guide and pay particular attention to the scenes identified:

Movie Viewing Guide

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