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A Word (or More) About Projects

You know that you will have a lot of work due throughout the term (particularly toward the end). Plan ahead to get your work completed on time. Feel free to complete assignments as early as possible. Note: this does not mean they will be graded early.

Never allow anything important to you to possibly go wrong. Therefore, plan in advance for automobile and computer breakdowns, broken legs, ailing relatives, out-of-town travel, etc. My policy for assignments is:


There will be a 25% reduction in grade for each day (DAY not class session) your assignment is late. All assignments are submitted electronically and considered late if they are not turned in at the beginning of class. Give yourself plenty of time to submit in case you experience problems with your internet connection, lab computer availability, or I am not responsible if you wait until the last minute to get your work done and then have problems. You may submit work late for a reduced grade, but you must send me an e-mail so that I know it is there. In other words, I generally do not check for submissions once I complete the regular grading cycle.


At a minimum, all projects must conform to the following guidelines (noncompliance=deductions):
  • Typed (unless otherwise noted) using a 12-point font
  • Use 1-inch margins all the way around
  • Double space
  • Do not right justify (no smooth, straight end on right side)
  • Use proper spelling and grammar (see COB Communication Standards)
  • Practice effective writing (see COB Communication Standards)
  • Only provide citations/references for non-textbook material
  • Do not type your name, my name, the class, the date, or page numbers on any page
  • Do not number paragraphs or include headings of any kind
  • Do not include a title
  • No cover page, folder, or binder -- simply staple the pages together (applies only to hard copy submissions)
Content and page length requirements are listed below for each specific project. NOTE: Quality of writing is a (minor) component of the grading for every project. If you struggle with this, I recommend taking advantage of the Writing Center.

Past Decision Analysis (Deadline: February 13)

Describe and conduct a thorough analysis of a major past decision. Be sure to make a Toulmin-style argument for your position. Limit your paper to three pages.

Project 1 Guidelines
Toulmin Model Presentation
You will be evaluated on clarity, descriptiveness, how thoroughly you analyze the decision, and ability to recognize basic decision elements (from Chapter 1 of Bazerman & Moore). You may receive up to 25 points for the Past Decision Analysis.

Webkinz Tournament Competition (Deadlines: each week for 10 weeks beginning January 21)

In order to effectively participate, you need to complete the following steps: 1) install the AdBlocker Plus add-on to your web browser; 2) set up a Webkinz account with a pet adoption; 3) send me a friend request to establish that you can do this; and 4) friend and compete against your peers (as scheduled).

Webkinz Student User Names (Note: use this information to friend student competitors and arrange competitions)
Webkinz Faculty User Names (Note: use this information to friend faculty competitors, check availablity, and arrange competitions)
Current Competition Schedule
Competition Evaluation/Grading
Current Standings
You may receive up to 110 points for participating in the competition (note: the competition actually is factored as 100 points in the grading scale).

Strategic Decision-Making Analysis Paper (Deadline: April 9)

Additional details to be provided in class on March 3.

Webkinz Competition Considerations (Note: things to think about as you play and gain experience)

Project Paper Guidelines

You may receive up to 50 points for completing the Strategic Decision-Making Analysis Paper.

Content produced by Robert L. Holbrook, Jr.

Printable pages (e.g., topic schedules, syllabi) have been optimized for printing with half-inch margins and no headers or footers. These pages have been carefully screened for inaccuracies, but content may not be consistent with that presented in class. When inconsistencies arise, please feel free to contact Dr. Holbrook or stop by 308 Copeland Hall.

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