Mohammadreza Hadizadeh

Importing colormaps from python (matplotlib) into Matlab on Macbook

This post shows step-by-step instructions on importing different classes of colormaps from python (Matplotlib) into Matlab using PyColormap4Matlab.
  1. Download the PyColormap4Matlab library from the following link:
  2. Rename the package to PyColormap4Matlab,
  3. Copy & paste the new folder in your Documents as /Documents/MATLAB/PyColormap4Matlab,
  4. Open the MATLAB application and link the new folder PyColormap4Matlab to it using the "Home > Set Path" tab in the top menu. Next, click "Add Folder" and select /Documents/MATLAB/PyColormap4Matlab, then click on Open, Save, and Close.
  5. Install the “Matplotlib" library. To do so, enter the command "pip3 install matplotlib" in the terminal. For other options, check
  6. Now, you can import the colormaps from Matplotlib to MATLAB. The following MATLAB script imports the colormap Greys from Matplotlib to MATLAB. The name of the new colormap in MATLAB is cl_Greys:
  • # set the Python path
  • path_python = '/usr/bin/python3';
  • # importing Greys colormap from Matplotlib
  • cl_Greys = getPyPlot_cMap('Greys', [], [], path_python);
  • Hint: to find the Python path (for variable "path_python") enter the "which python3" command in the terminal.