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A Word (or More) About The Bio Sheet / Course Contract

My goal is to know every student to some degree. That is to say, I want to do more than simply recognize your face. I will learn your name. I would like to know a little more about what you do. Please complete the student biographical sheet to help with this endeavor. Local address and telephone number are requested simply for emergency purposes. Date of birth is merely for personal interest (it is a reality check -- tells me how old I am getting). If you are uncomfortable providing this information, please do not feel obligated.

My apologies for requiring the student contract. Past abuses, while usually limited to a few students, make this a necessity. Be sure to carefully read the contract and understand your commitment. Most students follow guidelines and take responsibility for their actions. However, for the sake of treating everyone equally, all students are required to submit a completed contract in order to take the class.

The biographical sheet and course contract is a two-page Word document. Please print it out, fill in the required information, and submit the completed document when requested (beginning of second class meeting). If you can print the material as a double-sided document, please do. If not, be sure to staple the pages together. Click the following link, to access the bio sheet / course contract:
Bio Sheet / Course Contract

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Printable pages (e.g., topic schedules, syllabi) have been optimized for printing with half-inch margins and no headers or footers. These pages have been carefully screened for inaccuracies, but content may not be consistent with that presented in class. When inconsistencies arise, please feel free to contact Dr. Holbrook or stop by 308 Copeland Hall.

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