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A Word (or More) About The Comprehensive Exam

The purpose of the Comprehensive Exam is for you demonstrate understanding of the need for and the application of creativity to the problem identified on the exam. Do not solve the problem. Simply describe for me how you recommend using what you learned from this course to go about applying creativity to the problem. All discussion should be entirely your own thoughts. Draw only on material from the course. No external material should be utilized (i.e., stay away from Google). The Seelig book is considered internal to the class. Thus, there is no need to cite or provide references.

The Exam

The exam is provided here in Word format. It contains cautionary instructions and the writing prompt, all of which should be deleted before submission. In other words, I am only interested in your response. Consult the general guidelines for projects to be sure your submission meets all the formatting criteria.

Evaluation Criteria



You are not required to utilize the following materials, but they help provide insight into the scope of the problem the university is addressing:

Ohio University's Strategy Page

Ohio University Strategic Framework Booklet

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