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A Word (or More) About Projects

You know that you will have a lot of work due throughout the term (particularly toward the end). Plan ahead to get your work completed on time. Feel free to complete assignments as early as possible. Note: this does not mean they will be graded early.

Never allow anything important to you to possibly go wrong. Therefore, plan in advance for automobile and computer breakdowns, broken legs, ailing relatives, out-of-town travel, etc. My policy for assignments is:


There will be a 25% reduction in grade for each day (DAY not class session) your assignment is late. All assignments are submitted electronically and considered late if they are not turned in at the beginning of class. Give yourself plenty of time to submit in case you experience problems with your internet connection, lab computer availability, or I am not responsible if you wait until the last minute to get your work done and then have problems. You may submit work late for a reduced grade, but you must send me an e-mail so that I know it is there. In other words, I generally do not check for submissions once I complete the regular grading cycle.


At a minimum, all projects must conform to the following guidelines (noncompliance=deductions):
  • Typed (unless otherwise noted) using a 12-point font
  • Use 1-inch margins all the way around
  • Double spaced
  • Do not right justify
  • Use proper spelling and grammar (see COB Communication Standards)
  • Practice effective writing (see COB Communication Standards)
  • Properly reference non-textbook material
  • Do not type your name, my name, the class, the date, or page numbers on any page
  • Do not number paragraphs or include headings of any kind
  • Hand print your name in the top right corner of the first page (applies only to hard copy submissions)
  • No cover page, folder, or binder -- simply staple the pages together (applies only to hard copy submissions)
Content and page length requirements are listed below for each specific project.

Project I (Deadline: September 17)

Geotourism is increasing in popularity. Travel and tourism organizations are finding that a small investment in geocaching can generate tremendous revenue and attract people from across a state or region to visit their community.

The goal of this project was to conduct general research on geo-art (i.e., what it is, how it works, what cachers have to do) and then specific research on an assigned geo-art (i.e., design, owner, why created, cache types/numbers, what has to be done, reactions/success). Click the links below to view specific reports:

Group 1 (Ms. Pac-Man & Blinky)

Group 2 (WildRide)

Group 3 (Purple Heart)

Group 4 (Cardinals)

Group 5 (Honeybee)

Group 6 (Hog Trial)

Group 7 (Challenge Bear & Run Cacher Run)

Group 8 (Final Approach)

Group 9 (Giraffe)

Groups prepared a 3-page report using the Report Form and one member of the group made a brief (2-3 minutes) presentation of their findings in class on September 17. In addition, a brief report was submitted electronically (one per group) summarizing key elements of the geo-art investigated.

You may receive up to 25 points for Project I.

Mandalas & Reflections (Deadline: October 3)

Mandalas provide an avenue for creative expression. Over the first part of the semester, create three unique mandalas from the choices provided (see link below). Vary the context in which you create your mandalas. On the back of your sheet, describe the context (i.e., date, time, location, other conditions) in which each mandala was created, how you were feeling, and how feelings/context influenced your creativity.

Mandalas Page

You may receive up to 15 points for the Mandalas. Be mindful that this is a subjective evaluation. You are not assured full credit for simply submitting the required number of mandalas. I will be evaluating the insights you gained from each mandala experience (as conveyed in the reflections you provide).

Movie Journal (Deadline: October 24)

In keeping with my love of movies and the belief that they depict life quite effectively, you will watch a full-length movie and analyze it in relation to the course. Based on a true story, the movie represents a case study in creativity. As you watch, engage in focused viewing. You will analyze what you see in relation to the course. I strongly recommend taking detailed notes as you watch. You will write a journal addressing these topics as directed.

Patch Adams (click movie title for the IMDB page for the movie).

Develop a two-page paper addressing the one required thought item and one optional thought item (from the sheet provided on the first movie day).

Journals will be evaluated for how thoroughly you address each thought item (especially with respect to material from the book or covered in class), accuracy/quality of movie examples provided to illustrate your points, and clarity of writing. Highest scores will be assigned to journals that demonstrate considerable thought. Do not waste space summarizing the movie.

You may receive up to 25 points for the Movie Journal.

Project II (Presentations: December 3 or 5; Report Deadline: December 12 @ 12:20pm)

Details TBA September 17

Presentations will be evaluated, by faculty/client and peers, using the following criteria:

Presentation Evaluation Sheet

You may receive up to 125 points for the Project II elements (Presentation, Report, Peer Evaluations).

Content produced by Robert L. Holbrook, Jr.

Printable pages (e.g., topic schedules, syllabi) have been optimized for printing with half-inch margins and no headers or footers. These pages have been carefully screened for inaccuracies, but content may not be consistent with that presented in class. When inconsistencies arise, please feel free to contact Dr. Holbrook or stop by 308 Copeland Hall.

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