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Graduate Excellence Requirement

Submit a formal report of five scholarly articles appearing since 2016 in an issue of any practitioner-oriented business/management journal. The articles you review should focus primarily on a single topic, have direct relevance to this course and your program of study (note: as agreed upon at the beginning of the semester). Acceptable journals: Academy of Management Perspectives, California Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Organizational Dynamics, and/or Sloan Management Review. Please consult with me before selecting articles from any other journal(s).

Your topic and the articles must be well-chosen and approved after discussion with the instructor. The written report, not to exceed 15 pages, must conform to the standards for other course projects. In addition, these format guidelines should be followed:

Literature Review Format

Title Page: include your name, date, and complete bibliographic citations for all articles

Article Review (do this for each article): provide a 1-2 page summary of the insights that the journal article offers with respect to specific topics, themes, and ideas of the course, as well as your career field. Attach a photocopy of the article.

Synthesis and Recommendation: provide a 2-page essay that compares the value of the articles. The essay should include a specific recommendation (i.e., yes/no and why) as to whether the articles should be read by graduate students of management. In addition, discuss the value of the articles for your career.

The Graduate Excellence Project is worth up to 75 points and is due the last regular class meeting.

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