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A Word (or More) About Announcements

I will generally try to post important information not contained in other places here. Do not rely on this page for reminders about project deadlines or upcoming exams.

Move to Online Instruction

All the materials/links you need to finish out the semester online will be found on the following page:

Online Schedule/Materials

Chapter 1 Reading

For the benefit of those of you that have not picked up the text, I am posting Chapter 1 here. I will only do this for the first reading assignment (i.e., get the text -- immediately).

Chapter 1

Coping With Learning Styles

The first link provides information for interpreting the four basic learning styles. Use your scored inventory to determine yours and understand what it means. Once you gain a little insight into your own learning style, you might want to consult the article available (second link) for information on how to adapt in environments where the instructor/leader has a different style.

Interpreting Your Learning Style

Reading Others

Motivation Through Compensation Worksheet

On February 25, we will have a motivation exercise during class. Please complete the following worksheet before coming to class on that date:


Revised Key Topics

Sometimes I do not cover certain Key Topics as well as I want during class sessions. Other times, I decide not to cover them at all. That being the case, I occasionally drop Key Topics from consideration for exams. Rather than revise (and then revise back later) the Key Topics web page, I simply post an updated list here.

Revised Key Topics List

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